Christopher Kane Puts his Artistic Skills to the Test

What’s one man’s trash, may be another man’s treasure. As for Fall, Scottish designer, Christopher Kane puts his art skills to the test. Crafting dresses, skirts, and jackets out of what appears to be fabric from none other than a garbage bag. Kane also showed off his crochet skills, with pop up shapes coming out of the sleeves of a neon sweater. While the cocktail gowns towards the end of the collection look as if they were sculptures taken out of an Art Museum, and then illustrated into the clothing. Some of the looks, still remained Classy, with a bit of an edge, with Elegant silhouettes, and a color domination of black and Ballet pink. I definately have to give Christopher Kane props for giving artistic, scpultural like clothing, more than an out-of-this-world Haute Couture like meaning.

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