Akris Pre-Fall 2014

Creative director, Albert Kriemlers always seem to look towards art and architecture for inspiration. This Pre-Fall, he went towards cinematic lines. The collection takes a more Vintage route, with the Classic berets, knee length pleated skirts, tweed, trench coats, and of course the fur. Making me think Parisian, as I look through the pictures of these fascinating pieces. And to me, this collection just screams, “So Right Now!” As the rich hues of Oxblood, Navy, and Red are coming back into play along with Vintage inspired pieces, and of course the Artsy vibe seen throughout the Spring 2014 collections. Now who would want a traditional lace dress, when you could get the same thing in a bolder, more Artsy, and more now fabric from Akris?

Jean Paul Gaultier Does Grease

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We are going back in time! As the models happily danced down the Grease inspired runway, at by far the most major show this season.

Wearing ensembles of leather in the beginning, making me think Madonna in the 80s. To the lace and tulle ensembles, seen throughout the movie of Grease. Some of the models even sported the over-the-top super high 80s hairstyles. Thankfully no mullets involved. While the floral ensembles, channeled by Joan Smalls make me think a little bit of a 60s and 70s vibe. And the berets that Fei Fei Sun and Anais Pouliot channelled make me think the edgiest Parisian yet.

Although Gaultier gives such a fun Grease vibe, he adds a modern twist. Incorporating some playful touches using ruffles and peplum, elements seen throughout Spring fashion week. And the Metallic hues make me think 80s Flapper girl, but still just so Chic. I always love how Gaultier does something do different each season, taking inspiration from something yet so different each season, and making it into one of the best shows each season. Bravo, Jean!