Supermodel Cara Delevingne Taking a Two Month from Work/Partying?

    Supermodel, Cara Delevingne is taking a detox after her family and friends have been worrying about her partying and working too much. As Cara will be taking a two month break from work, to unwind and just relax. Unfortunately missing the upcoming Spring 2014 fashion week, starting three weeks from today. 

Here’s  the full story: 

Cara Delevingne on strict detox after bosses cancel trip to party island Ibiza


The model has admitted she’s been packing too much in and is going on a detox trip instead


Given her love of all-nighters with Rihanna, shots with Rita Ora and house parties with God knows who, you would have thought Cara Delevingne would be having a 21st to remember. Or forget, as the case may be.


Alas, no.


Following a meeting with bosses at her agency Storm, the model of the moment has cancelled her massive blow-out bash in Ibiza next week.


Instead the party princess, who hit her landmark birthday on Monday, has gone on a self-imposed six-week detox and is taking a two-month break from work.


Having spent a year juggling a schedule that would make a junior doctor wince, Cara is now holed up in a villa in Mustique.


Not just any old villa of course – one belonging to Mick Jagger obvs.


After friends and family expressed concern about her lifestyle, Cara has told her employers she needs a break. I’m told: “Cara has, by her own admission, been burning the candle at both ends over the past year or so. Partying has taken its toll and she is absolutely knackered.”


The bushy-browed beauty has been the darling of the fashionsphere this year, fronting campaigns for all the big brands from Chanel to Mulberry.


It’s also rumoured she’s up for a part in the new Fifty Shades of Grey film.


And she’s led the international party pack with ex-‘wifey’ Rita Ora and new BFF Rihanna. Last month she and the Diamonds star blew £300,000 hiring a superyacht to ferry them round the French Riviera with an extra £200,000 set aside for restaurants and clubbing.


But there’s been a whiff of scandal too.


In May, Cara was papped dropping a bag of white powder on her doorstep and was ditched by retail giants H&M.


My source adds: “Her family especially were worried she was taking the partying to extremes and sat her down for a talk. She agreed to ease up, and take herself away to totally chill out, detox and unwind.”


Cara has spent the past 10 days with model mate Lizzie Jagger in Mustique, swimming, drinking fresh fruit smoothies and eating sensibly.


The fun-loving beanie-wearer even celebrated her actual 21st with just a quiet family dinner, shunning her planned Ibizan festivities.


“She feels totally recharged already,” I’m told – so much so she is now considering a trip to the white isle as soon as next week.


“Cara reckons there’s only so much eating, sleeping and vitamin inhaling one can do,” says my source.

That’ll be youth, for you…


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