How Diverse are the Runways?

Diversity, it’s a part of our culture. In many places, you see people who are of: Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Islamic, Carribean, African, and of course European heritage. Unfortunately, the runways may not be that way. Ever since I saw a … Continue reading

Naomi Campbell and Iman Fighting for Diversity on the Runway – My Opinion on the Issue

I have not really thought about this, until I saw this video come up in my feed on Youtube, a couple minutes ago, that many of the designers at the Fall 2013 shows, lately have only been using white models, or one black model in their show. With Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman,¬†and Grace Mahary ranking up shows at Fashion Week, it’s still really depressing to me that at Louis Vuitton‘s Fall 2013 show, no black models were cast. As a blonde with blue eyes myself, and living in the Washington DC area, I have been given the gift to be able to be exposed to diversity at such a young age. I have friends of all races: Muslim, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and much more. I even have three cousins that are Columbian, one with a Columbian father, and the other two with a Columbian paternal grandmother. There is definitely beauty in every race that there can be. I believe that diversity is a very important part of our culture. I really believe that the runway needs to show the Beauty of all races, because I really believe that when there isn’t much diversity on the runways, girls that are of other races might feel insecure and put down, because the runway isn’t really showing the Beauty of their race. This should definitely be an issue that needs to be taken care of.
There have been some changes with diversity over the past five years with Liu Wen being the first Asian model to walk the Victoria’s Secret Show, and having Fei Fei Sun, Tao Okamoto, and Shu Pei follow in her footsteps. Just like there has been progression in the Runway diversity, I do believe that the Casting directors and Fashion Designers at Fashion Week will start to progress to a better, more diverse future on the Runway.
It would be really nice to see models of different races on the catwalk, as addressed by Naomi Campbell and Iman in this Youtube clip, interviewing the Supermodels from ABC News. You go girls!

i-D Pre-Fall 2013 Street Issue – The 6 Covers

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For the Iconic Magazine, i-D‘s Pre-Fall 2013 Issue, the magazine nagged: Selena Gomez, Sky Ferreira, Jourdan Dunn, Catherine McNeil, Blondey McCoy, and Ondria Hardin as the Cover stars. I think that it’ such a great variety of people, from models to actresses to singers, each famous for doing different things. Such a great diversity!

Collier Schorr photographed Catherine McNeil showing off a very edgy hairstyle, and her hair pulled back, showing off many Chic, edgy earrings. Which is oh-so-Chic right now. And Jourdan Dunn, shows off her fun side, posing for a Selfie, wearing her signature beanie, a crop top, a tutu skirt, with a plaid button down tied around it. So Jourdan Dunn! Blondey McCoy is photographed by Alasdair McLellan wearing a plaid button down and jeans, showing off some Swag. While Angelo Pennetta photographes Sky Ferreira’s Sweet and Fun side, with Ferreira wearing a Chic orange and black polka dotted blouse, and fun, matching tangerine sunglass. Scott Trindle photographes, Selena Gomez with Chic, effortless waves doing the signature i-D Covergirl wink. Ondria Hardin shows off a Soft, Sweet side with a little bit of edge, as Luigi and Danielle Lango photograph Hardin with very feminine, Sweet pink colored eyeshadow and blush, with an edgy/feminine diamond encrusted choker. All very different and unique, I just love the diversity of the covers.

My favorites are Ondria’s and Jourdan’s covers both show off just how Beautiful Fashion can be, with a perfect amount of fun. I love how i-D really captured the Sweet, Soft beauty on Ondria’s cover, and pairing that with a fun, feminine diamond encrusted choker, really showing that in fashion we like to look feminine but also like to play around And have fun. I love how i-D had Jourdan posing for a Selfie on her cover, it really gives that edgy and fun flare that Jourdan herself has.


Tell me whose cover was your favorite in the comments.