Zac Posen Spring 2014


I feel as if I’m seeing fairies glide down the catwalk, is what I’m thinking as I see Zac Posen‘s Spring 2014 collection. With the models’ hair put up into a Beautiful bun with artificial flower petals, you feel as of you’re in fairly land, even just looking at a picture of the collection. But there’s something else about Posen’s collection, besides Fairies that makes this collection so Magical and Mystical, it’s the fact that the models also look like modern day Marie Antoinettes. With the ruffles on the dresses, and the ball gown at the end, we are definitely in a Mystical Kingdom.


Pictured: Coco Rocha, Manon Leloup, Josephine Skriver, Codie Young, Ming Xi, and Zac Posen

Honor Spring 2014


Feminity with the perfect dose of magic.

image image image image

Set in a Magic Fairyland, With Delicate lace collars, and dresses in Beautiful pastel shades. Giovanna Randall even incorporated shorts, jacket, and a nice lace top ensembles. Which I just love for the Spring and Summer, it’ll definitely become the next big suit for the Summer time. Every single look, looked extremely feminine and versatile. Which I just LOVE because then you can wear it anywhere from work, to going out in the evening.

image image

With each outfit paired with a Beautiful pointed-toe heel. And backstage the models’ hand their pulled back into a ponytail, with a little dose of fairy dust with glitter.

image image image


Josephine Skriver, Antonina V., Mackenzie Drazen, and Giovanna Randall.