Elie Saab Introduces his Spring 2014 Collection, ‘A Lace Garden’

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‘A Lace Garden’ is what Elie Saab titled his Spring 2014 collection, which was filled with: pastels, brights, and of course: Lace. There is this such timeless Beauty and Elegance in every Elie Saab collection, the clothing always really flattering the body of any women. As always, Saab uses an array of colors in his 58 look collection. The Red and Emerald hues and the Sparkles remind me of Saab’s Holiday inspired Haute Couture collection back in July. While the lace, white, and Peach hue remind of Springtime. But definitely don’t forget the floral printed evening gowns, giving the feel of a Rose Garden in bloom. And the Elie Saab girl continues to live in opulence.

Alexander Wang Spring 2014


Watching the livestream, I was definitely obsessed with everything about the collection. Even my Dad admired the soundtrack so much that he wants to become “Cool” again. Kind of creepy. But when Wang sent out many fresh faces throughout his show, I am still pretty excited to see which will become the Next Supermodel by the end of Spring 2014 Fashion Week. As Wang’s known for doing so. Supermodels Behati Prinsloo, Georgia May Jagger, Kati Nescher, Joan Smalls, and Erin Wasson closing the show made remarkable, (and exciting), appearances.

I admired the button-downs, and the laser-cut leather jackets paired with really look waisted pleated skirts, for such an edgy take on Classic appearal. Which I shave noticed throughout Wang’s collection, filled with pieces of all colors, most of the looks consisted of a Classy, more formal separate, and then paired with something more edgy or causal, like a laser-cut leather jacket or a baggy pant. Definitely the Chicest, and Versaitle way to show off some edge with Classy separates. Something that I am now begging to try. The one piece that I am definitely begging to have is the  shirts that said, “Parental Advisory,” that Georgia May Jagger and Sam Rollinson both sported. Now who wouldn’t some Alexander Wang for Spring?

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Photos courtesy of my iPhone from Style.com

Mary Katratzou Takes Inspiration from the Outdoors and Buildings for her Resort 2014 Collection

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Model Hedvig Palm shows off the Chic looks from the Mary Katratzou Resort 2014 collection.

Greek fashion designer, Mary Katratzou takes inspirations from the outdoors, and the outside of buildings for a Very Chic Resort 2014 collection.

Mary Katratzou uses fabrics with a silk texture, printed with many things outdoor related. Aka, a garden, trees, hills, a lake, the beach throughout all the seasons, and even the outside of a beach house, and house windows of an apartment building. Katratzou, known for mixing and matching prints mixes all the Chic prints together using many different and Chic colors like hues of: blue, yellow, pink, purple, and hints of red, white, grey, and black. Katratzou designs the looks in many different styles, like a top and pant ensemble, skirt and top ensemble, dress, and Chic halter top that’s sooooooo beachy. Very Chic and Very Beautiful. Perfect for any place, and any time of summer or spring.

A Classy, Feminine, Sophisticated, Fun, and Chic Valentino Resort 2014 Collection

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Models Muad Welzen, Kremi, and Josephine show off the Chic 63 looks from the Valentino Resort 2014 Collection.

For Resort 2014, Valentino presented a 63 piece Resort 2014 collection that was fun, sophisticated, classy, ultra femininely, and of course, Chic.

The collection began showing off lots of denim, stripes, and cashmere sweaters with a white blouses tucked underneath. Tan, Red, White, Cream, Blue, Navy were all key colors. They wore golden and silver buttons on their jackets and dresses, and Chic Equestrain style boots in a Chocolate brown shade, paired with short dresses and skirts. Oh-So-Classy. Then, some pastel and white, draped dresses in a sheer fabric were paired with equestrian boots, and the signature Valentino studded bag, in the shade, Oxblood. Valentino also mixed in some camouflage in bright shades like neon green, pink, and emerald with a neutral shade of grey. With the Classy, cashmere sweater. And fur shaws in bright pinks and camouflage paired with a Chic white t and jeans. Adding a fun twist to a plain, Classy look. Then came the very feminine and flirty part, as models wore Beautiful strapless lace dresses in hues of neon green, Kelly green, and neon pink. And Beautiful summery and springy dresses in Gorgeous floral prints. Then came dresses, in solid hues of neon green, neon pink, and white. Very Monochromatic Chic. And last but not least, Valentino gowns in a style very Valentino Spring 2012 with the Beautiful baroque and sparkles in pastel hues of orange, peach, white, and pink. Very Feminine and Beautiful. Perfect for anybody super Classy, Feminine, and Fun.

Matthew Williamson Mixes Brights with Neutrals for a Fun Resort 2014 Collection



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Model Nimue Smit shows off The fun Looks from the Matthew Williamson Resort 2014 Collection

British Fashion Designer, Matthew Williamson designs his Resort 2014 collection, mixing fun bright shades with darker, more neutral shades like Army green and Navy for one fun and Chic combination. Using many paisley prints and prints inspired by the leaves, mixing the fun shades together. Williamson also paired many of his tops and skirts, from different color families or prints together that either have the same print or color family, that can easily work together. When mixing prints, you definitely want to make sure that the color families are the same for both pattern, other wise they’ll definitely clash. Matthew Williamson definitely can show you how to pull mixing prints off. And to add a fun flare, Williamson uses feathers and some bedazzle. Who doesn’t love bedazzle? Very Fun and Chic.