How Diverse are the Runways?

Diversity, it’s a part of our culture. In many places, you see people who are of: Indian, Asian, Hispanic, Islamic, Carribean, African, and of course European heritage. Unfortunately, the runways may not be that way. Ever since I saw a … Continue reading

My Favorite Trends for Fall

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As Fall approaches, the Hottest trends from Fall 2013 Fashion Week are pretty much going to be seen everywhere. Telling my Maternal Grandmother, Judi about the Hottest trends for Fall for the past 7 months definitely has its ups, when she tells me about her latest trips to Dress Barn. Stating that the store is stocked with everything Animal Prints, Tweed, Oxblood, and Plaid. And while walking in Downtown Alexandria, or just strolling through Charming Charlie’s everything from Studs, to even Tweed and Houndstooth are plastered on the handbags. While colored jeans in the Color of the Year, Emerald make an appearance in Victoria‘s Secret’s Fall Catalog become my Number 1 most wanted piece for Fall. Here are some of my most obsessed about trends, that are also wearable, for Fall!

Elie Saab Introduces his Spring 2014 Collection, ‘A Lace Garden’

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‘A Lace Garden’ is what Elie Saab titled his Spring 2014 collection, which was filled with: pastels, brights, and of course: Lace. There is this such timeless Beauty and Elegance in every Elie Saab collection, the clothing always really flattering the body of any women. As always, Saab uses an array of colors in his 58 look collection. The Red and Emerald hues and the Sparkles remind me of Saab’s Holiday inspired Haute Couture collection back in July. While the lace, white, and Peach hue remind of Springtime. But definitely don’t forget the floral printed evening gowns, giving the feel of a Rose Garden in bloom. And the Elie Saab girl continues to live in opulence.

Kenzo Spring 2014

Inspired by the Ocean, I see this very opulence, vibrant, and oeuvre vibe. Kenzo Creative directors, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon use a variety of colors and patterns throughout the collection. The collection begins with an array of monochrome looks, many with fabric cut and put onto dresses, pants, trenches, and tops, for that very Playfullness vibe with the fabrics seen throughout many of the shows throughout Fashion Week. And then switches it up to very vibrant and oeuvre patterns in blues and pinks. Making me wish I was on an expedition in Bali.

Comme des Garçons Spring 2014

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A different song was played for each look that emerged on the runway at Comme des Garçons. Creative director, Rei Kawakubo designed very sculptural silhouettes, making her collection, interesting yet very thought provoking. Even though there wasn’t really an exact theme here, whether it was a Futuristic 4016 club, or taking a cue from Modern day 17th century, elements that were seen throughout Spring fashion week. One thing is certain that Kawakubo is looking back at her recent past, at the Comme des Garçons house.

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The hula hoops and ruffles used to create structure, almost remind me of the pieces from Alexander McQueen‘s Fall 2009 collection. The one where Karlie Kloss sports a red and black printed gown, that looked practically blown up, but very Haute Couture like.

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