A Candy Coated Gucci Fall 2014

Ever since Pre-Fall 2014, Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, has been a more simple route with her collections, leaving just as much a memorable statement as Marc Jacobs’ last Louis Vuitton show back in March. Kicking off Milan Fashion Week, every single a-list model that didn’t seem to make an appearance at New York Fashion Week, (think on the list of: Sigrid Agren, Anja Rubik, Kasia Struss, and Daria Strokous), stormed down the white-out Gucci catwalk, in a candy coated ensemble, and Equestrian boots in a light brown neutral, or Snakeskinned. As trenchcoats and outerwear seem to be the big thing at New York and London Fashion Weeks, they also seemed to make camo at Gucci, in militaristic inspired silohouettes and of course, fur. While outerwear, animal prints, and pastels may seem to be the big thing at Gucci, for the evening wear, Giannini sends out an array of leather cocktail dresses, plastered in silver, metallic chains. Definately the perfect collection for some Simplicity and Classic staples, with a bit of that bold, edgy twist; Purely Chic. A very Mod feel, overall.

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Frida Giannini Goes Back to the Basics for Pre-Fall

It’s all about going back to the basics! Which was pretty much the motto throughout Gucci‘s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. In which Creative Director Frida Giannini focuses on sleek daywear staples, giving them an extra dazzle in bright hues such as: Tangerine, Hot Pink, Red, Daffodil, and Shades of Blue. Pairing them with black military inspired hats, similar to the ones sported by Aymeline Valade and Kasia Struss at Louis Vuitton‘s Fall 2011 show; for a more masculine feel. Giannini also incorporates your feminine staples, giving your average pleated dress seen in a Geometric print, while the fur coat gets paired with jeans and a geometric printed top.

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Adrien Sahores and Andreea Diaconu Pose in the Sunset for Gucci’s Cruise 2014 Campaign

With Creative Director, Frida Gianinni inspired by India for Gucci‘s Resort 2014 collection. Released yesterday, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photograph, Top Models Adrien Sahores and Andreea Diaconu pose, looking over a Sunset on none other than the Ocean, on a Hot Summer‘s Day. Oh how I wish summer were still here.

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Cedric Charlier Kicks off Paris Fashion Week

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Inspired by Martial Arts, Cedric Charlier designs a Beautiful, Simple, and feminine and elegant collection. “A reflection of protection,” is how Charlier described the collection to WWD, backstage, post-show. “I wanted to get into the idea of martial seduction.”

So Charlier did, with silhouettes were very simple, and Drapy, describing a Martial Arts uniform very well. With the looks very Minimalistic, throughout the whole entire collection.

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Towards the end of the collection, Charlier incorporated in very big and bold stripes. Really giving the collection a Fun feel, compared to the Navy and Neutral hued ensembles before. Then came an array of silk and sequined ensembles, each still in a very simple silohouette. The last look, worn by Sasha Luss, gave a Chic, bold contrast with an Aqua top, paired with a tangerine skirt. Bringing a very vibrant feel to the collection. A definate successful kickoff to Paris Fashion Week.

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Pictured: Janice Alida, Juliana Schurig, Daiane Conterato, Ikeliene Stange, Juliana Schurig, Sasha Luss, and Cedric Charlier

Gucci Spring 2014

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Inspired by the Year of the Snake Frida Giannini gives Chinese inspired staples, a modern Spring twist. Still as Dramatic and Beautiful as the theme may be, Gianni gives the trend a Beautiful Springy feel at Gucci, with many long, flowy dresses in sheer fabrics. Many with a Sexy plunge and some even with a Beautiful snake print.

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Towards the middle of Gucci’s collection, it’s all about the Fringe. When models come out, carrying Beautiful snakeskin handbags in Bright fuschia and purple hues, with none other than the fringe. And who wouldn’t want to carry that Handbag?

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At the end, Gianni sends out a Beautiful array of gowns in Beautiful sheer and Silk fabrics, incorporating many Dramatic shades of Oxblood, Green, and Cobalt blue. Many of which staples at Gucci’s Fall 2013 show back in February. And the last three Gowns leave me absolutely Speakless!

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Pictured: Anja Rubik, Kati Nescher, Joan Smalls, Maud Welzen, Zuzanna Bijoch, Anja Rubik, Kasia Struss, Kati Nescher, Bette Franke, Suvi Kopenon, Joan Smalls, Nadja Bender, Anja Rubik, Vanessa Axente, Amanda Wellsh, and Frida Giannini