21. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Shaped Handbags

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When I first laid my eyes on Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2013 collection, I instantly fell in love with the 1970s inspired collection. With the perm like hair, bright colors, exciting prints, plaid, and the shaped bags. Everything, just perfect. The shaped bags were definitely a big accessory favorite. Coming in shapes of squares, rectangles, and circles, and in colors of a tangerine, red, tan, black, and some in plaid. Just bringing back such a Chic, vintage vibe that I just really fall for. When I was younger, I used to have a circular suit that was pink and had “Barbie” written all over it in big, white bold letters. So it’s just really nice to see the Chic, shaped bags come back in.
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Pictured: Vanessa Axente, Daphne Groeneveld, Kel Markey, and Elena Bartels

Meadham Kirchhoff Takes on Fairytales for Spring 2014



The handbags, with Pink poodles Delicately sewn onto the handbag, bringing in a really cute Fairytale inspired vibe.

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With wigs in shades of Bright orange and blond, a la Pippy Lockstocking and Rapunzel. Models are sent down the runway in very Fairytale like, kind of Bavarian inspired ensembles. Meadham and Kirchhoff also added very modern separates, like tailored black suit jackets, lace, and snakeskin. Really taking on the dark side of Fairytale clothing, making it wearable and Chic for Spring or even Fall.

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Lots of baggy sleeves, high socks, and the shoes really bring such a Fairytale and a little bit of a Bavarian vibe.

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Dolce & Gabbana Animal Print Cat-Eye Sunglasses


As animal prints were one of the biggest trends for Fall, Dolce & Gabbana designed one of the perfect ways to show off the trend if your not into wearing animal printed clothing. With Sunglasses. In the cute sunglasses style of the Cat-Eye, the sunglasses come in leopard and a snakeskin print. And the perfect thing is that the sunglasses are extremely versatile. They go with practically any color, giving you that perfect fun and trendy accent to your look. Daily!
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11. Bottega Veneta Woven LBB

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Two of my Favorite Bottega Veneta Black Woven Handbag styles

The Classy Bottega Veneta signature bag. I just love the LBB, every girl needs just a simple, black handbag, and woven like Bottega Veneta’s gives the bag such a Chic touch. The bag is so versatile, and it comes in many styles. Which I just LOVE. It can make the perfect companion if where you work is very Conservative and strict when it comes to how you dress, and it’s also perfect for going out, or weekend shopping or just simply walking down town. The perfect bag that goes with anything, and it gives every look, a Chic and Classy Bottega Veneta touch.
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2. Louis Vuitton’s Handbags

2. Louis Vuitton’s Handbags

Daphne Groeneveld, Lisa Verberght, ?, and Shu Pei each show off one of the many Louis Vuitton handbag styles for Fall 2013. While looking at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2013 collection the day just minutes after it was posted on Style.com, … Continue reading