Vibrant, Flirty, & Feminine Prints at Holly Fulton

Tribal. Floral. Cityscape. And even a Sexy red mani, the hottest bracelets and gadgets. British designer, Holly Fulton, knows how to give any fun and flirty print, a wearable and feminine twist. This season, Fulton incorporates: pastel hues, Sexy yet functional silhouettes, and Dramatic hues such as red and black; while a simple Khaki remains keen, throughout the collection. The collection to wear to perfectly take you from those freelance summer days, into the mists of Fall.

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Holly Fulton Spring 2014

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Fun, Ladylike, and Casual. The three words I’d use to describe Holly Fulton’s Stunning collection. I love how Fulton uses many different colors throughout her collection, starting with blue, to Peach and White, to Grey and Lavender, and then to Chic Orange and Tan hues. Fulton, known for her extremely fun and feminine collections, used Casual elements in her collection, pairing them with feminine pieces for a fun and Chic look.

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Fulton incorporated many fun Geometric and Ladylike prints throughout her collection.

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Fulton also incorporated one of my favorite trends, the Sleepwear trend throughout her collection, designing many printed Sleepwear like pants that also work perfectly for going out.

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Pictured: Irina Kulikova and Holly Fulton.