Up on Cloud 9

Tonight, we go to a place far, far away, up in the sky, and in the clouds. Comes an array of the comfiest looking neutral and Wedgewood dyed ensembles, in styles of zig-zags and squiggles, making me think a little of the pajamas that I wore when I was just about 5 years of age, but with a more mature, bold and wearable twist to it. With gowns in all things sheen, and plastered in sheer ruffles, actually looking as if they are clouds from the sky, making you feel as if you are flying in the sky. And even Kim Kardashian’s lil sis, Kendall Jenner, making her runway debut. When new beginnings come for Marc Jacobs, a Stunning finale to New York Fashion Week, (which I’m actually pretty sad to say goodbye to), comes along with it. As writer and Style.com editor, Matthew Schneier had said on Instagram, “‘The skies are above clear again,’ the soundtrack says. Dare to dream, says six inches of snow expected tonight.”

Images from NowFashion.com & Style.com