11. Bottega Veneta Woven LBB

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Two of my Favorite Bottega Veneta Black Woven Handbag styles

The Classy Bottega Veneta signature bag. I just love the LBB, every girl needs just a simple, black handbag, and woven like Bottega Veneta’s gives the bag such a Chic touch. The bag is so versatile, and it comes in many styles. Which I just LOVE. It can make the perfect companion if where you work is very Conservative and strict when it comes to how you dress, and it’s also perfect for going out, or weekend shopping or just simply walking down town. The perfect bag that goes with anything, and it gives every look, a Chic and Classy Bottega Veneta touch.
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Bottega Veneta Handbags $1350-$4620, depending on the handbag you choose, barneys.com