A Mystical Mulberry Show

Once upon a time, on a Mystical night in the Magical forest, appears Mulberry muse, Cara Delevingne, from a wooden pladder. A grey Mulberry backpack on her back. Then comes 2 more obsessive Mulberry handbags, 1 olive, the other camouflage, 2 male models, a herd of Greyhounds, and pure fascination.

Images from NowFashion.com

Marks & Spencer Christmas 2013: The Most Magical Advertisement of the Season


For this Christmas, Marks & Spencer presents to you the most Magical and Fascinating Advertisement of the Season.
British Supermodel, Rosie Huntington Whiteley is chasing her Westie down the city streets, in which she ends up falling into a sewer, and encounters her own Wonderland. Filled with people dressed as game cards, flying carpets, a Magical forest, a Gingerbread house, presents the size of an oven, and unforgettably David Gandy. And then taking a walk with Melissa Tammerjin and David Gandy on the yellow trail to the Palace, where the 4 are greeted by none other than British Actress Helena Bonham Carter. The rest ends magically.