21. Prada Wedge Sneakers

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With a leather and studded filled Fall 2013 season, Prada‘s Leather Wedge Sneakers will definitely be your go-to staple for Fall. With Cara Delevingne showing off similar shoes like everywhere she goes in her Streetstyle. The shoes have three hook and loop straps, and an inside zipper. Or one hook and loop strap and laces. And coming in many different colors. Each very similar to Delevingne’s signature kicks. The shoes work just like your average slip-ons or keds, wear them with your favorite top and jeans, and the Wedge sneaker is definitely Chic enough to dress up! Like at Saint Laurent Fall 2013 if you ask me!
Shop many colors and styles of Prada’s Wedge sneaker at neminmarcus.com
$640-$1100 depending on the Wedge Sneaker

20. Manolo Blahnik Camo Pumps

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“Even though I am a city boy, I do love nature and unfortunately in the Fall and Winter we don’t get to see much nature,” Michael Kors had said in a MODTV Fashion Video Interview about his Fall 2013 collection. Michael Kors, whose Fall 2013 collection was filled with many Chic fabrics, really bringing in the nature feel for Fall, and now you can show that off not only in your clothing, but on your shoes! As Manolo Blahnik designed camouflage printed pumps in either black and white, or in the traditional, Specchio print. Both with a metallic leather on the back of the heel. All adding that unexpected and Chic nature twist to your Fall wardrobe.
Get Yours At:
Manolo Blahnik BB Camo 105mm Specchio-Heel Pump
Manolo Blahnik BBMal Camo-Print Pump, Black/White
Both $675 neminmarcus.com