Ondria Hardin for Marc Jacobs Daisy


Hannah Holman. Frida Gustavvsson. And now Ondria Hardin. As Marc Jacobs says his farewells at Louis Vuitton, releasing the Spring 2014 Campaign for the brand today featuring the muses of Jacobs, he leaves us with more to look forward to at Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, (after sadly not going to Coach after his departure at Vuitton), with a Campaign video for the Iconic perfume Daisy, starring one of his current muses, Ondria Hardin. Directed by Sofia Coppola, the video to me, feels very fresh, subtle, and just oh-so-Chic; Hardin gracefully prancing through a field picks up flowers along the way, and finds a spot to lay down and look at the Beauty of Spring. Definately a Spring favorite of mine to do, you know you feel that sensual feeling of freedom, eve just watching the video.