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You know that New York Fashion Week has officially started when the latest BCBG collection has hit the catwalk. This time, designers Lubov and Max Azria have something exciting to celebrate: BCBG Max Azria’s 25th Anniversary. For that special event, Lubov and Max Azria sent models out in simple, flowing, and very wearable dresses that scream, “BCBG!” Outerwear and Artistic elements were keen throughout the collection. As the models swept by on the catwalk, bundled up in furs and feathered separtes of all styles, paired with dresses dazzled up with fine lines, and Graphic, Artistic like inspired prints. To me, it’s Simply another Beautiful, (and very wearable), BCBG collection.

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How Diverse are the Runways?

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We Enter a Tribal Galaxy at Alexander McQueen Spring 2014

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As Alexander McQueen‘s show begins, you immediately enter into another Galaxy. You then land in another world. Ready for an expedition. But you refuse and instead, decide to pose on this new World. In fear that your Alexander McQueen gown would get ruined. But as you stare out into the Scenery, you notice your back on planet Earth, in your seat at the Alexander McQueen Spring 2014 show, and that the show has ended.

“Tribal Couture,” is how Net-A-Porter described Sarah Burton‘s Tribal inspired collection. In many tribal inspired prints, cutouts, and the Styles and the Silhouettes remind me of Herve Leger by Max Azria‘s Warrior Girl inspired Fall 2012 collection. While the much sculpture and unique fabric textures, make me think Haute Couture.

“Do you believe in UFO’s?” Sarah Burton described to Harpers Bazaar magazine in their March 2013 issue, as the first question Alexander McQueen, himself asked her during her interview for an internship with the brand. As described in Bazaar, “Burton, a polymath with a deep love of the arts, music, and science, hit that question about imagination and faith on the nose with a resounding ‘yes!'”

So how did we get to this Tribal Galaxy during Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2014 collection? Simply on a UFO.

20. BCBG Beanies

20. BCBG Beanies

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Fashion’s Latest Collaboration: Herve Leger X Barbie

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