Giorgio Armani Leaves a Lasting Memory at Milan Fashion Week

For me, I can’t believe that Milan Fashion Week is coming to an end!!!! It feels like yesterday that models like: Katya Riabinkina, Yumi Lambert, and Marine Deeluw’s Instagrams were filled with pictures from castings, a week prior to New York Fashion Week. As we all say good bye to Milan Fashion Week, and pack our bags for Paris; Giorgio Armani leaves us with another stellar collection. Infusing lime into Classic Staples, we are left with a collection that’s perfectly futuristic, yet Classy and polished. And those wet like curls, also give the collection that extra modern zest. So as we may be saying farewell to Milan, Giorgio Armani infuses our minds with a lasting Fall collection, just as our favorite models, editiors, and bloggers hop on a plane, train, or bus to Paris.

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Dsquared Fall 2014 – Back to the Swinging Sixties

Now let’s go back in time, to the days when Twiggy ruled the cover of Vogue, The Beatles were in full swing, and stripes, bangs, and casual daytime shifts were all the thing. Today, Dsquared Creative Directors, Dean & Dan Caten take us back to one of the most memorable decades in history, or at least my favorite, (explaining the fact that I hand picked the 1960s to be the decade that I do a decade board game project on for a huge project way back when in 7th grade). Set in a psych ward, specialized in Fashion victims, models bring us that Mod and Valley Girl Glamour feel, that I have been digging for years.

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Roberto Cavalli Fall 2014: Earth, Fire, Air & Water

Set on a circular runway. A man made rain pours down into a central pool of water. A ring of fire appears. While a ray of white light pops into the smokey air. Models walking on a black wooden floor. The show notes waxed on and on about the Equestrian and Flapper dresses, as foundation pieces, but when you look at the setting, you know the collection was all about the Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Roberto Cavalli seemed to incorporate that inspiration, all throughout the collection. As phython and leopard prints, paired with a fur Shaw give off an African Safari like feel. The hot red and orange prints of fire, so perfectly woven into a black Flapper dress. While tribal prints line a cocktail dress.

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A Candy Coated Gucci Fall 2014

Ever since Pre-Fall 2014, Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, has been a more simple route with her collections, leaving just as much a memorable statement as Marc Jacobs’ last Louis Vuitton show back in March. Kicking off Milan Fashion Week, every single a-list model that didn’t seem to make an appearance at New York Fashion Week, (think on the list of: Sigrid Agren, Anja Rubik, Kasia Struss, and Daria Strokous), stormed down the white-out Gucci catwalk, in a candy coated ensemble, and Equestrian boots in a light brown neutral, or Snakeskinned. As trenchcoats and outerwear seem to be the big thing at New York and London Fashion Weeks, they also seemed to make camo at Gucci, in militaristic inspired silohouettes and of course, fur. While outerwear, animal prints, and pastels may seem to be the big thing at Gucci, for the evening wear, Giannini sends out an array of leather cocktail dresses, plastered in silver, metallic chains. Definately the perfect collection for some Simplicity and Classic staples, with a bit of that bold, edgy twist; Purely Chic. A very Mod feel, overall.

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For Pre-Fall, Versace Gets a Feminine Feel

Full Skirts. Trenchcoats. Lavender. Ballet Pink. And Spring Green. Just to name some of the feminine elements seen in Versace‘s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. As Versace’s signature ├╝ber Sexy and Rock & Roll vibe skirts, (edgy and feminine at the same time), and that Spring Green trench, bedazzled at the shoulders. While those towering leather boots made me wish I wasn’t almost 5’3. And that Ballet Pink Sexy plunging silk dress made me think perfect for a Glamorous party on the terrace.

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