Jonathan Saunders Spring 2014

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The flowers are definitely in bloom here at Jonathan Saunders! As the Jonathan Saunders girl goes on a vacation this Spring. Using lots of tie-dye and Models Sporting round sunglasses, the collection really brings me reminscene of the 1960s. But the pastel hues, sheer and chiffon fabrics, and the silk really bring in such a Modern vibe to the collection.

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Lots of designers have been mixing Casual elements with more Feminine and Dressy elements, and I love Saunders take on that trend. With models Sporting Sporty jackets and tees on the top, and ending Gracefully with a feminine tutu skirt. Definitely a perfect ending to the collection.

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Pictured: Yumi Lambert, Tilda Lindstam, Pauline Hoarau, and Jonathan Saunders

Mulberry Spring 2014

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Cara Delevingne kicks off the show, wearing a Beautiful grey floral baroque jacket and skirt, with a baby blue sheer blouse, sending more models down the runway in similar ensembles. I see a little bit of the Sleepwear element at the beginning, with many baggy pant jumpsuits and the sheer nylon fabric ensembles. But, what I really see throughout the collection is a lot 60s inspired looks. With the many floral print shifts, Monochromatic tangerine ensembles, and of course the feminine Grey floral baroque ensembles at beginning, and the lace at the end, Mulberry definitely gives 60s Fashion such a Chic, Modern twist. And who couldn’t love that bulldog?

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Pictured: Cara Delevingne, Sam Rollinson, Magda Laguinge, Amanda Murphy, Sam Rollinson, and Emma Hill