Graphic Prints? Plaid? Cara Delevingne Taking a Selfie? All at Giles Fall 2014?

Well, that’s right! You obliviously know that a show becomes unbloggable, when Stars Wars and Graphic prints, Plaid, and 1 Cara Delevingne taking a catwalk selfie are present. For the inspiration, Gilles Deacon decides to look towards the birds, the leaves, the trees, and the future. As birds get embroidered on a sweater and Cocktail dress. Leaves look like statured molecules, when overlapping each other in a futuristicy way. While bugs give printed on feminine and frilly staples, such as ruffles and fringe. It may seem, that the collection may just be as out of this world as Alexander McQueen’s notable Fall 2009 collection, Deacon gives his collection a more Classy and wearable feel, incorporating styles, such as: plaid, high top moccasins, and even an oversize sweater.

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Erin Fetherston Spring 2014


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Erin Fetherston really brought in such a Chic, Girly Feminine vibe for her Spring 2014 collection. But when set in what appears to be the backyard or gardens of a Mansion in the Summertime, Fetherston gives her collection such a Beauitful, nature like vibe.

Using her signature fabrics like Chiffon and lace, Fetherston really Showed off such a feminine, yet nature like vibe at the same time. Fetherston added accessories like one of those umbrellas that women in Asia would use in white, to the Beautiful flower headpieces, similar to those that the Swedish would use around Christmas time with the candles. But Fetherston’s work for her Spring 2014 Collection really brings such a Girly and Feminine vibe. You can definitely wear one of her looks for a Classy tea in the daytime, and then out for a cocktail in the evening!

Giambattista Valli takes Inspiration from Nature for his Resort 2014 Collection

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Feminine Fashion Designer, Giambattista Valli took inspiration from nature for his Chic Resort 2014 collection. Using very long, flowy dresses and skirts in sheer fabrics, paired with matching white or black t-shirts definitely brings a causal nature vibe. Not only that but Valli also designed Chic dresses and skirts with printed butterflies and flowers on it in very nature like colors. Valli also included other Classy, paisley like prints in bright colors such as tangerine and black. And models doneed in Chic silk printed bandanas in some looks. Valli also designed very feminine tutu like dresses/skirts. The acessories, tan bags that were straw, very Chic and reminds me very much so of my Step Mom, when she would put my Yorkie, Butters in a straw carrier, or leather with bright color accents. The shoes, tan wedges. Very Nature Chic With an exciting, feminine twist.