Viktor & Rolf Give the School Uniform a Punk Twist

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“We don’t Need no Education,” playing through my head as I see the show. Viktor & Rolf take on a Punk spin to one of my favorite staples: The School Uniform.

The looks consisting of Preppy blazers, blouses, vests, and polos plastered with Saftey pins. Many pleated skirts in Neutral hues. And of course plaid. Kind of reminds me of when in Legally Blondes when the sisters put their own Girly flare to their n boring School Uniform. Except this time: A Punk Flare.

Nina Ricci Spring 2014

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Soft. Sweet. And Romantic. The three words I’d use to describe Nina Ricci‘s Spring 2014 collection. Creative Director, Peter Copping uses many soft shades of pastels, creams, and white. Incorporating many Dramatic ruffles, and Beautiful white flowing dresses, looking like they could be found on all of the Best Dressed women in Paris.

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Towards the end, Copping incorporates many Beautiful floral prints, in light shades of blue. Bringing a very Springy and Garden like vibe. And the Evening Gowns????? Just left me Speechless.

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Pictured: Kremi Otashilyliyska, Zuzanna Bijoch, and Natalia Siodmak

Arizona Muse Stuns at the Launch of Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse

Arizona Muse Stuns at the Launch of Estee Lauder’s Modern Muse

Being the inspiration for Estée Lauder’s newest perfume, which I’m dying to try, Modern Muse. Arizona Muse attends the Launch of the perfume looking Stunning in an extremely Sexy backless silk Neck LBD. To give the Sexy and Classy dress … Continue reading Switches Up Their Rankings – Newest Editions to the Money Girls

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Sigrid Agren, Jac Jagaciak, Frida Gustavsson, Karlie Kloss, Karmen Pedaru, Arizona Muse, Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski, and Liu Wen are all the Newest Editions to The Money Girls.

Aspiring models everywhere try to make it to become the next big Kate Moss or Gisele, each year. But only a few get to make it, even into coveted Top 50 Models, Industry Icons, The Money Girls, and very few make it into The Supers. has officially changed up their rankings, as they annually do in September and in February. Who made it?
The Money Girls list had a lot of new editions made to it’s list, some of them even surprised me. I was pretty shocked, and excited to see one of my favorites, Sigrid Agren make it into a the list, at Number 36 for all her work at the Chanel brand, and her contracts with other brands like Sportmax, Elie Saab, and Daks. And to my surprise Chanel Beauty face, Jac Jagaciak was ranked just right above Agren at 35. There’s no surprise that the four Estée Lauder faces all new it into the list. Joan at 21, and Liu and Constance tied at 22, and Arizona at 25. The Karlie Kloss has definitely made it into the list at 28, surprising I thought she would be higher. Michael Kors face, Karmen Pedaru has ranked the highest of the Newest editions of The Money Girls. The all-time Michael Kors face who has been ranking up contracts daily has ranked at 17. And to my surprise, One of my favorite models Frida Gustavsson has made it in at 32, for her many perfume contracts, and her new Maybelline contract (scream), as well as her contracts for brands like Valentino and Express.
What do you think of newest editions to The Money Girls?

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