Gareth Pugh Spring 2014

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I’ve always been very fond of Gareth Pugh‘s ways of making his designs look bold, yet so Beautiful that you just HAVE to Have every piece. Pugh took on a very Lady Gaga like inspiration, but with a more ladylike spin. Using Sparkling fabrics of snakeskin and many Silver hues, Pugh gives his collection kind of an Out of this Galaxy like feel, but very Lady Gaga. The structured silhouettes of the Gowns really give the collection a nice, Chic statement. Who isn’t obsessed with that bold eye makeup?

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The trench coats paired with the Sexy leather cocktail dresses, a must have of mine now, really give the collection a more Classy, and Ladylike feel. Reminding of a Classy woman walking down the streets of New York or Paris, but in an effort to make a Chic statement. While the fur headpieces bring a more Gaga feel, the long evening gowns paired with the fur really bring such a Ladylike, very Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 feel. A Gareth Pugh leather trench and Cocktail dress pick-me-up in February? Yes please!

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Pictured: Sasha Luss, Catherine McNeil, Maud Welzen, Lindsey Wixson, Cora Emmanuel, Juliana Schurig, Maria Bradley, Maud Welzen, Juliana Schurig, and Gareth Pugh