Fairytales Get Dark

When most people think Fairytales, they think Cinderella and her Prince Charming, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty, wearing the most beautiful floral and frilly gowns. But when you think Fairytales at John Rocha, it may just be as dreary as when the Evil Witch decides to poison Snow White. As ruffles and frills get dyed a gloomy black or a bloody red. A doily dress perfectly matches the Wicked Witch of the West, color wise. Flowers embellish a puffy LBD.

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Meadham Kirchhoff Takes on Fairytales for Spring 2014



The handbags, with Pink poodles Delicately sewn onto the handbag, bringing in a really cute Fairytale inspired vibe.

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With wigs in shades of Bright orange and blond, a la Pippy Lockstocking and Rapunzel. Models are sent down the runway in very Fairytale like, kind of Bavarian inspired ensembles. Meadham and Kirchhoff also added very modern separates, like tailored black suit jackets, lace, and snakeskin. Really taking on the dark side of Fairytale clothing, making it wearable and Chic for Spring or even Fall.

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Lots of baggy sleeves, high socks, and the shoes really bring such a Fairytale and a little bit of a Bavarian vibe.

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