17. Woven Booties

image imageWho says that patterns are just for clothing? As woven booties are the new thing this Fall 2013 season! Booties are the next big thing this Fall 2013 season, and woven booties give your look a Chic, unique touch. I just love how you can get a one or two pairs of woven booties and just pair them with many pieces in your closet from a jeans and top ensemble, to a top and skirt ensemble, to even a Chic dress. The best part is, they work well for walking in the city AND the rain!
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Diesel Black Gold Spring 2014

image image image image

The Diesel Black Gold collection really reminds me of Versus Spring 2012 collection, due to the Beautiful pastel shades, whites, and the Chic sheer fabric Sporty inspiration. Even the Heels, with the many straps remind me of Versus heels, but they really give such an edgy vibe, signature to the Diesel brand itself. The many Sparkles and studs, seen on some of the pastel shaded dresses give such a Chic, edgy vibe seen throughout Diesel’s collection. The pastels I give it such a Versaitle and Spring vibe.

image image

Shades of black and grey are incorporated into the collection, towards the end. Still keeping that Sparkle and Studs, for that Chic signature edgy vibe always at Diesel Black Gold.

image image image


Pictured: Amanda Murphy, Hanne Gaby, Esther Heesch, Andrea D., Natailia, and Amanda Murphy

Ways to Work Long Beaded and Pendant Necklaces into Your Wardrobe

Ways to Work Long Beaded and Pendant Necklaces into Your Wardrobe

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