For Pre-Fall, Versace Gets a Feminine Feel

Full Skirts. Trenchcoats. Lavender. Ballet Pink. And Spring Green. Just to name some of the feminine elements seen in Versace‘s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. As Versace’s signature ├╝ber Sexy and Rock & Roll vibe skirts, (edgy and feminine at the same time), and that Spring Green trench, bedazzled at the shoulders. While those towering leather boots made me wish I wasn’t almost 5’3. And that Ballet Pink Sexy plunging silk dress made me think perfect for a Glamorous party on the terrace.

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Masculine Gets Mixed with Romance at Honor

Giovanna Randall definately left a Masculine Mark this Pre-Fall season. As tailored suits, trenches, and blouses take roll. But Randall still seemed to add that signature Romantic vibe. As lace tights were paired with school girl inspired shifts. Sketches of feathers line the floor length skirts and Evening gowns. A fur jacket topped off a black full skirt and a white blouse, for a very 40s inspired look. And with the Romantic curls and soft but so Radiant makeup look that Yumi Lambert and Josefien Rodermains sported as they showed off the collection. The collection definately couldn’t get any better! Now what I want is those white lace tights for a cold Spring or Fall’s day.

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Your Classic Work Staples Get a Modern Remake

Pleated Skirt. Trenchcoat. Tweed. The Tweed Pant. LBD. A Classic White Bazer. And even The White Blouse. When most people hear these pieces of clothing, what usually comes to mind is Classic and Conservative staples traditionally seen at an office. Nothing special. Although I do love many of these staples, without an extra pop of color or a print, the ensembles appear to be more on the boring side.

A-list fashion designer, Alexander Wang, known for his edgy and punk New York City girl designs. Has lately been incorporating staples similar to those listed up above into his collections. Explaining the white button downs paired with pleated skirts at his Spring 2014 show, and tweed suits making an appearance in his Resort 2014 collection. And this time, Wang has done the same with the staples listed above in his Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Although the collection may not exactly be appropriate for working in a cubicle, the pieces surely do give those pieces a fresh update. When fringe lines the back of an LBD, Eqesutrian boots take a v-neck plunge, your Classic Black tweed gets a nice pop of bright color, and your white blouse gets some cutouts. Now how about that as wardrobe for in the office?

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Sachin + Babi’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection has just Given Any Women the Perfect Wardrobe for Going Out

Mix your hoodie with your black embellished tutu! Pair that white tank with your favorite ruffled skirt! And wear your silver studded lion top with your favorite black suit!!!! Mixing feminine and edgy separates is what I see here at Sachin + Babi, describing my mom’s wardrobe for going out, pretty well. Now the pairings may be ideal to every women’s style, but mixing at matching the staples will definately leave you making a statement. Now I know I’m begging for each of those black tutu skirts, and that Eddy LBD, with Cavalli inspired purple and white graphics.

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