The Not So Pretty Side to Walking Victoria’s Secret

When you think of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you think of models happily prancing down the Catwalk. Glowing, as the sport their Angel Wings as they walk by Rihanna as she’s singing on that exact Catwalk. Just a memorable event for all models in the show. And who hasn’t dreamed of possibly walking down the catwalk while your favorite singer is on that exact catwalk, singing your favorite song, on International television? And as the event nears. Here’s the Not-So-Glamorous side: The Castings.

Sophie Neophitou, Creative director, who rudely dismissed Kate Upton last year. Stating that she looked too much like a “footballer’s wife.” Told British Vogue about this horrible casting process.

Neophitou states that models, whether or not under a contract, are provisionally casted by John Pfeiffer. But whether or not the Model makes it in is determined by the whole Victoria’s Secret team. As they sit at a long table in a room with horrible lighting. The models are required to walk up and down the room, towards and away from the team, sitting at the table. Extremely nerve-racking for each Model. Even Adriana Lima, a favorite of the brand who has done for years!

But in the end, if the model makes it pass the Casting, they most definitely get the Most Honorable award, every model dreams of. Walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.