Feminine Staples Get a Bite at Prabal Gurung

“Femininty with a bite,” is how Prabal Gurung describes what the Prabal Gurung girl wants. Approaching 5 years at his own line. As feminine staples such as: The Trenchcoat, A Tailored Suit, Chiffon Dress, A Classic Black Pump, Ruffles, and The LBD; get an edge for Pre-Fall 2014. When the chiffon dress is seen in a Grey geometric pattern. A tailored black blazer gets paired with a white ruffled top, and leather trousers. The Trenchcoat is paired with a leather dress. Ruffles and embellishments give pieces a little extra something. And a black pump with a white tip is paired with black leather knee-highs, for every look seen. The collection, really showing what Prabal Gurung has done over the past 5 years, when femininity gets a bite.

See the full collection at: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2014PF-PGURUNG/#1