The Feminine Girl Gets a Topshop Edge

Tweed. An oversize Trench. Fur. Full skirts. A Sexy Corset. And some pure Collar Candy. Just to name some of the feminine staples, that Topshop Unique gave an edge. As The Guardian describes the collection as, “tailored to ‘soft girl turned tough.'” When a grey hoodie and leather vest, get layered over a grey lace corset. A fur vest gets edgy when paired with a leather pencil skirt, and matching wedges. Thigh-high shorts and a graphic tee get feminine with a collared tweed cape, and a little toned down with rouched grey thigh-high boots. A silver metallic puffer overlaps a pea sequined corset, with rich Oxblood accessories. And a tweed full skirt gets paired with a Charcoal puffer.

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