Tom Ford Spring 2014

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As Naomi Campbell stated in the Youtube clip I posted just last week, stating her demands with fellow Supermodel Iman, she praises Tom Ford, who actually casts the models himself, for his always Stellar shows. The casting, very much so diverse, the models each showed off many Stunning looks from leather, to Sparkles and Sheer. The collection begins with a Beautiful array of leather ensembles in Neutral shades of black, white, and tan. Many of which show off the perfect look for going everywhere, from to Bali, to the Carribean, or even just walking on the streets of New York, Tokyo, Sydney, or even Paris. Definitely the perfect ensembles to take you anywhere.

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At the end of the collection, Ford sends out a Stellar array of models in Sexy gowns of all lengthes, each draped in Gems of all kinds, very Haute Couture like. And I predict that many of Ford’s gowns will be shipped to Los Angeles to be sported at The Oscars or Golden Globes sometime tonight.

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Pictured: Zuzanna Bijoch, Pauline Hoarau, Andrea D., Liu Wen, Kaitlin As, Esther Heesch, and Tom Ford

Naomi Campbell and Iman Fighting for Diversity on the Runway – My Opinion on the Issue

I have not really thought about this, until I saw this video come up in my feed on Youtube, a couple minutes ago, that many of the designers at the Fall 2013 shows, lately have only been using white models, or one black model in their show. With Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman,¬†and Grace Mahary ranking up shows at Fashion Week, it’s still really depressing to me that at Louis Vuitton‘s Fall 2013 show, no black models were cast. As a blonde with blue eyes myself, and living in the Washington DC area, I have been given the gift to be able to be exposed to diversity at such a young age. I have friends of all races: Muslim, Black, Asian, Hispanic, and much more. I even have three cousins that are Columbian, one with a Columbian father, and the other two with a Columbian paternal grandmother. There is definitely beauty in every race that there can be. I believe that diversity is a very important part of our culture. I really believe that the runway needs to show the Beauty of all races, because I really believe that when there isn’t much diversity on the runways, girls that are of other races might feel insecure and put down, because the runway isn’t really showing the Beauty of their race. This should definitely be an issue that needs to be taken care of.
There have been some changes with diversity over the past five years with Liu Wen being the first Asian model to walk the Victoria’s Secret Show, and having Fei Fei Sun, Tao Okamoto, and Shu Pei follow in her footsteps. Just like there has been progression in the Runway diversity, I do believe that the Casting directors and Fashion Designers at Fashion Week will start to progress to a better, more diverse future on the Runway.
It would be really nice to see models of different races on the catwalk, as addressed by Naomi Campbell and Iman in this Youtube clip, interviewing the Supermodels from ABC News. You go girls!

Cara Delevingne was Spotted Yesterday Hanging Out her Kids In Love co-stars at Notting Hill Carnival

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Supermodel Cara Delevingne was caught by the paparazzi hanging out with her Kids In Love co-stars yesterday, at the Notting Hill Carnival. As you may know already, Kids In Love is the movie that Delevingne is set to be in, and start filming pretty soon. In the pictures, Delevingne was seen dancing, having fun, and even given a piggyback ride from one of her co-stars on the streets of London. Every year in West London, people dance in the streets of West London, and celebrate.

The Supermodel wore a Chic daffodil and pink tropic printed bustier top with some Black skinny Houndstooth printed jeans, and some sneakers filled with nothing but studs. And finishes off the look, wearing a flower hairpiece just many of the other co-stars from Kids in Love.

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