A Mixture of Stunning Prints at Etro Spring 2014

image image image image

One Word: Speechless. Veronica Etro mixed many Beautiful prints of: Paisley, Snakeskin, Flowers, and even Geometric. The collection really has that Bohemian vibe, but also has such a Chic ‘Let’s Go on a Safari‘ vibe, seen at many of the shows this Spring 2014 Fashion Week. Making me really wish I could go on an expedition to Bora Bora right now.

image image image image

Etro uses many styles of Maxi dresses, Jumpsuits, and Many long and Flowy dresses. Strapless, or with sleeves. Perfect for an all night party in Malibu. Really bringing in such a Stunning, Beachy collection, while definately having that signature Etro vibe. What would make an Etro collection, an Etro collection without prints?

image image image image


Pictured: Andrea D., Nadja Bender, Daria Strokous, Julia Nobis, Ava Smith, Kaitlin As, Magdalena Frackowiak, Bette Franke, Ava Smith, Kasia Struss, and Veronica Etro

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