Steven Meisel Photographes a Calvin Klein Goddess

Steven Meisel Photographes a Calvin Klein Goddess

Calvin Klein releases a brand new fragrance, Endless Euphoria!!!!!! And just as exciting as that sounds to the average Fashionista, Calvin Klein muse, Vanessa Axente fronts the campaign!!!!!! And wearing that Sexy, sort of Grecian inspired, backless white maxi, and … Continue reading

21. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Shaped Handbags

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When I first laid my eyes on Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2013 collection, I instantly fell in love with the 1970s inspired collection. With the perm like hair, bright colors, exciting prints, plaid, and the shaped bags. Everything, just perfect. The shaped bags were definitely a big accessory favorite. Coming in shapes of squares, rectangles, and circles, and in colors of a tangerine, red, tan, black, and some in plaid. Just bringing back such a Chic, vintage vibe that I just really fall for. When I was younger, I used to have a circular suit that was pink and had “Barbie” written all over it in big, white bold letters. So it’s just really nice to see the Chic, shaped bags come back in.
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Pictured: Vanessa Axente, Daphne Groeneveld, Kel Markey, and Elena Bartels

Jil Sander Spring 2014

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For Spring, Jil Sander channels Simple and Chic ensembles, adding Playful accents. After her remarkable return to the brand just a year ago, Sander begins her collection with an array of Simple and Beautiful Monochrome ensembles. The pieces kind of remind me of the New England and Annapolis sailor style, with the Sperry like shoes, and the Sillohuettes of the designs. While the cutouts and the wedge on the sneakers, really give it that Playful, but still very simple twist.

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Sander gives her collection that playful vibe with an array of dresses in Camoflage like prints, in Neutral and Crayola shades that almost look Oeuvre.

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Sander ends her collection with very Simple and Conservative pieces, in Neutral hues. The Black sparkly cocktail dresses are perfect for going out, while the Well-tailored trench coats and Solid black and White dresses work perfectly for a day at the office.

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Pictured: Vanessa Axente, Fei Fei Sun, Esther Heesch, Julia Nobis, and Jil Sander

Prada Spring 2014



Set in a warehouse filled with artwork day Comtemporary artists, Miucca Prada designs a Stunning, bold collection with a little bit of a 70s vibe.





Many of Prada’s dresses and trench coats are bedazzled, in many 70s inspired hues from Brights to pastels like Peach, and some even with Beautiful portraits designed onto the clothing, really making the artwork on the walls of the runway come to life.





The knit knee high socks, and the brights really give the collection a Chic 70s vibe.




Pictured: Amanda Murphy, Anna Ewers, Vanessa Axente, Anabela Belikova, Irina Kravencho, Amanda Murphy, and Miucca Prada

Gucci Spring 2014

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Inspired by the Year of the Snake Frida Giannini gives Chinese inspired staples, a modern Spring twist. Still as Dramatic and Beautiful as the theme may be, Gianni gives the trend a Beautiful Springy feel at Gucci, with many long, flowy dresses in sheer fabrics. Many with a Sexy plunge and some even with a Beautiful snake print.

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Towards the middle of Gucci’s collection, it’s all about the Fringe. When models come out, carrying Beautiful snakeskin handbags in Bright fuschia and purple hues, with none other than the fringe. And who wouldn’t want to carry that Handbag?

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At the end, Gianni sends out a Beautiful array of gowns in Beautiful sheer and Silk fabrics, incorporating many Dramatic shades of Oxblood, Green, and Cobalt blue. Many of which staples at Gucci’s Fall 2013 show back in February. And the last three Gowns leave me absolutely Speakless!

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Pictured: Anja Rubik, Kati Nescher, Joan Smalls, Maud Welzen, Zuzanna Bijoch, Anja Rubik, Kasia Struss, Kati Nescher, Bette Franke, Suvi Kopenon, Joan Smalls, Nadja Bender, Anja Rubik, Vanessa Axente, Amanda Wellsh, and Frida Giannini